The Oldest Flushing Toilet In Australia

This is claimed to be the oldest flushing toilet in Australia. It’s located in the Imperial Hotel in the Blue Mountains town of Mt Victoria, and most likely manufactured sometime between 1900-1910 by Royal Doulton.

* Also be sure to check out the post on Hopkins Hall to hear about another historic old toilet!

6 Comments on “The Oldest Flushing Toilet In Australia”

  1. Dr Neville Dawson says:

    Sorry but my flush toilet in Hopkins Hall in Hobart is still working and dates back to 1835. I can send you a photograph.

    • danschaumann says:

      That’s fascinating! The claim of the oldest toilet is made by the hotel, but I’m intrigued about yours – I’ll email you…

      • Dr Neville Dawson says:

        Sent you photographs – and additional information on – Ironmonger C Davis who’s name is on the toilet cast iron tank with pull-chain. Hope you enjoy the photographs, kind regards, Neville

  2. Dr Neville Dawson says:

    I did mean to also say that C Davis was a convict.

  3. Johannes says:

    I have a peln pty made toilet with a flap at the bottom can anyone tell me anything adout it


    Government House Sydney c. 1811 – installed by then Governor Lachlan Macquarie

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