Club Foot

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I came across a shrine to Elvis in the mens room at Club Foot.

Club Foot 1

Club Foot 2

Club Foot 3

2 Comments on “Club Foot”

  1. John Binning says:

    Love the article in the redeye about the local toilet art. Being familiar with the club foot and other bars in the wicker park and east village,I must bring to your attention another great local bar,the gold star. On division and wood is a very cool bar with an artistic aura. Next time you’re in the windy city,I highly recommend you check it out 😊 thanx much. Best wishes from a wicker park club regular 😁

  2. toilography says:

    Cheers John! I don’t recall the Gold Star being mentioned during my quest for Chicago bars but I’ll add it to the list for next time. The Logan Square / Wicker Park area was a bunch of fun, I wish I had more time to spend there. Thanks for dropping by the blog!

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