The Tattooed Moose

The final stop on my whirlwind tour of Charleston: the Tattooed Moose.

So many locals had told me to try their duck fries (which, I might add, were delicious), but the true beauty of this place was once again contained inside the cubicle. There were so many interesting remarks upon these walls I almost felt as though I’d taken a philosophy class.

Tattooed Moose 1

Tattooed Moose 2

Tattooed Moose 3


Potty poetry:

Tattooed Moose 6

Tattooed Moose 4


Your life is nothing more than a series of experiences shared with the entirety of humanity. Immortality is found through memories, maybe you should stop being an asshole:

Tattooed Moose 7

Tattooed Moose 5


Some final words of wisdom from the washroom walls before I headed back to Montreal:

Any fool can piss on the floor, real men shit on the ceiling

Tattooed Moose 8


Oh, and by the way, here’s what those legendary duck fat fries look like 😀

Tattooed Moose Sandwich

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