The awesome graffiti at College Saint-Laurent

I was recently made aware of College Saint-Laurent (Cégep de Saint-Laurent), in the Saint-Laurent district of Montreal. Established in 1847 as a technical college, it offers numerous French-speaking courses predominantly in the arts and science fields.

A couple of Redditors tipped the college off to me as a potential place to visit for its washroom aesthetics. A gentleman who had studied there in the past claimed the toilet block was closed for a few years in the late 70’s; upon its reopening in 1981, the graffiti wars began. And as I soon discovered – it hasn’t ceased to this day.

I arrived at the campus late on a Saturday afternoon after visiting the nearby Saint Laurent Museum of Art. I wandered through the college halls and made my way into the cafeteria, where I spotted the sign leading to the washrooms.

I knew I’d be in for a treat when I entered this corridor just outside the lavatory doors:

College Saint-Laurent-1


As if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, I opened the first of the (unsigned) washroom doors and found myself in the ladies room. Check it out!

College Saint-Laurent-2

College Saint-Laurent-3


Here’s a panorama of the ladies room stalls. The decades worth of graffiti layered on the walls was incredible to behold:

College Saint-Laurent-4


I took this pic for the Mumford & Sons lyrics, then later I noticed the … uh, egg…

College Saint-Laurent-5

College Saint-Laurent-6

College Saint-Laurent-7

College Saint-Laurent-8

College Saint-Laurent-9


Eventually I made my way next door to the mens room, which was equally as impressive:

College Saint-Laurent-10

College Saint-Laurent-11

College Saint-Laurent-12

College Saint-Laurent-13

College Saint-Laurent-14


These have gotta be some of the best graffitied washrooms in the world, let alone Canada. A huge ‘well done’ to the students of this college for keeping up the tradition over the years.

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