Ravenswood outhouse

Welcome to Ravenswood, North Queensland. Located around a 130km drive from Townsville, this once-bustling gold mining town today boasts an official population of merely 191. I visited with my parents on this gloriously warm & sunny day; we had lunch at one of its two pubs before taking a quick look around its dusty rural roads. A visit to the Historic Miner’s Home from 1868 left me with some photos of this amazing old outhouse:

Ravenswood Outhouse 1

Ravenswood Outhouse 2

Here’s a view of the whole site; the outhouse is at the back right of the frame:

Ravenswood Outhouse 3

I’d previously visited Ravenswood around 5 years beforehand and also took a couple of pics of the outhouse – this was before Toilography even existed! It was a little less dry back then:

Ravenswood Outhouse 4

Ravenswood Outhouse 5

Ravenswood Outhouse 6

It’s well worth a visit to Ravenswood if you’re ever in the area for a true laid-back, ghost town experience.

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