Bauhaus toilet art

On my flight to Vancouver I noticed in the Air Canada magazine a small write-up about this local German restaurant: “Check out bathroom graffiti, by Spanish artists Olliemoonsta, at Bauhaus.”

This was way too serendipitous a suggestion to pass up so on my second night in town I made my way to said eatery in Gastown for a beer & schnitzel. The superbness of the meal was surpassed only by their incredible toilet art.

I highly recommend a trip to Bauhaus if you ever find yourself in Vancouver, and have a scroll through some of Olliemoonsta’s other artwork as well.

Bauhaus 1

Bauhaus 2

Bauhaus 3

Bonus story: this is one of the very few venues I’ve been to where I was so impressed by the men’s that I just had to check out the ladies as well. I was sure the coast was clear – but literally the moment I opened the door for a quick peek, a woman turned the corner heading towards me with my head through the restroom door. So embarrassing! Although I can confirm the ladies is just as colourful as the mens.

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