Speech bubbles

Brasserie Hurricana is a funky bar in Montreal’s Mile-Ex where the washrooms have little speech bubbles for wallpaper; anybody is free to write whatever they like on them.

My favourite scrawlings included “I took a shit in the sink”, “Don’t worry, pee happy”, multiple incarnations of “Fuck a duck”, “The plants will kill you”, a cute drawing of a frog, “I used to be gay but now I’m LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ” and “If you’ve got a bat that needs flipping, call Jose on 514……”

A bat that needs flipping? I’d never heard that one before, although I later found out it had to do with Jose Bautista’s bat-flipping incident at a Blue Jays game last year.

Speech Bubbles 1

Speech Bubbles 2

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