Mount Royal Tavern

After concluding my two-day Washington DC toilet tour, I took the Amtrak up to Baltimore, armed with a wealth of restroom suggestions from the guys at /r/baltimore. With only a day to see the sights of the city I think I managed to squeeze in some pretty awesome attractions and toilets, starting with the #1 entry on my list which had the greatest response on Reddit, the Mount Royal Tavern. Apparently its toilets were super divey and it also had a ceiling painted like the Sistine Chapel.

I walked in around 10:30am and asked the bartender if they served any breakfast. A pint of beer and pack of Doritos later, I made friends with a regular (Greg, I think his name was) and told him of my plan to bar-hop Baltimore for the day, with the Mount Royal being first and most anticipated stop. The bartender was happy to hear this and kindly gave me a Mount Royal gift pack of a postcard, cooler & matchbox!

As for the restroom, it was just as I’d imagined:



Bonus pic of the Sistine Chapel artwork painted on the bar ceiling:


What a cool bar. I’m happy to report the rest of Baltimore lived up to high expectations as well.

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