The Tattooed Moose

The final stop on my whirlwind tour of Charleston: the Tattooed Moose.

So many locals had told me to try their duck fries (which, I might add, were delicious), but the true beauty of this place was once again contained¬†inside the cubicle. There were so many interesting remarks upon these walls I almost felt as though I’d taken a philosophy class.

Tattooed Moose 1

Tattooed Moose 2

Tattooed Moose 3


Potty poetry:

Tattooed Moose 6

Tattooed Moose 4


Your life is nothing more than a series of experiences shared with the entirety of humanity. Immortality is found through memories, maybe you should stop being an asshole:

Tattooed Moose 7

Tattooed Moose 5


Some final words of wisdom from the washroom walls before I headed back to Montreal:

Any fool can piss on the floor, real men shit on the ceiling

Tattooed Moose 8


Oh, and by the way, here’s what those legendary duck fat fries look like ūüėÄ

Tattooed Moose Sandwich


Heading towards the end of an epic night making new friends around the grand city of Charleston, I found myself at Cutty’s on St Philip Street. It was around 1 or 2 am at this stage, and I¬†was told on good authority that this particular establishment was¬†famous for being the dive bar in town to¬†be seen drinking at.

Cutty’s had also been highly recommended to my by the kind people of Reddit for its washroom interior, and after a few sips of my Pabst I ventured inside to see just what the fuss was all about. Take a look at this:

Cutty's 1

Cutty's 2

What a proverb Рa shit leopard never loses its spots:

Cutty's 3

Here’s a riveting conversation on the Cutty’s wall about Taco Bell:

– Eating Taco Bell makes my doo doo smell
– Your shit always smelled. Taco Bell probably made it worse
– Oh I bet you’re fun at parties

Cutty's 4

Occasionally the drunken scribble had a dark undertone to it:

All my dog wants to do is play. All I want to do is die.

I hope this guy is ok.

Cutty's 5

And finally, some internet advice for y’all:

Cutty's 6

Cutty's 7

Pink toilet at the Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel

The pink men’s room with checkered floor at the Palace Hotel on Hanover St, Charleston. A great little dive bar with a decent patio out the back.

Elliotborough Mini Bar

A bunch of post-it notes on the lavatory door at the Elliotborough Mini Bar in downtown Charleston. Cheers to Valerie, the bartender, for being super friendly and awesome. I wish I could have spent more time here.

Elliotborough Mini Bar 1

Elliotborough Mini Bar 2

The Upper Deck

I had a quick beer at the Upper Deck Tavern, which turned out to be my favourite bar in Charleston. Super friendly bartender and got chatting to some awesome locals.

Upper Deck 1


This wasn’t in the washroom (it was out by the bar itself), but it was pretty awesome ūüôā

Upper Deck 2

Keg urinal

A keg urinal at the Palmetto Brewery on Huger Street, Charleston. A fantastic idea for recycling.

I might add that the reason I went to Charleston to begin with was to see Hootie & The Blowfish, and at this bar I got to try¬†a pint of Hootie’s very own Home Grown Ale. Loved it!

Palmetto Brewery 1

Palmetto Brewery 2

Butcher & Bee

Many people recommended I try a local sandwich bar called Butcher & Bee for lunch, so I dropped by and sampled their roast beef with a side of kale salad. Damn, it was a mighty fine sandwich.

I liked the attention to detail in their restroom as well. They had a tin of Swift’s Pork Cutlets as an impromptu toilet roll holder, and it’s one of the few locations I’ve seen that offer cloth towels to dry your hands in lieu of paper towel.

 Butcher & The Bee 1

Butcher & The Bee 2

Check this out for a sandwich:

Butcher & The Bee Sandwich

Whisky barrel

Charleston Distilling Co. 1

I dropped by the locally-owned Charleston Distilling Co. for a tour of their facilities, which included a fascinating 45 minute insight into their fermentation, distillation and barrelling process Рnot to mention a tasting of their vodka, whisky and two of their gins! Needless to say, I walked out rather intoxicated considering it was still quite early in the day.

But the highlight for me was their awesome washroom built inside a giant whisky barrel. What a great idea.

Ping pong

Ping pong

My¬†weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, begins at a burger¬†bar on King Street called HŇćM, famous for its ping pong lounge.¬†Which explains why this guy adorning the men’s room door has a ping pong ball for a head.