100 year old outhouse at Farmers Branch

I had a couple of hours to spare in Dallas on my return flight from Australia to Canada, so I decided to leave the airport and check out the Farmers Branch Historical Park, as a kind Redditor had informed me of a century-old outhouse located beside the old school building.

About a 20 minutes drive from the airport, the park is set on 27 acres of ground and beautifully preserves the rich history of the Farmers Branch area. And indeed – right next to the school building (constructed in 1900) was the outhouse, just as described. It’s not in use any more but it sure stands proud in representing the lavatorial simplicity of yesteryear.

Farmers Branch 1

Farmers Branch 2

Farmers Branch 3

Farmers Branch 4

Farmers Branch 5

Grapevine Bar

The Grapevine is north of the city along Maple Avenue. I particularly enjoyed my time here – there’s a bunch of rooms you can spend your time in, including a funky indoor bar with a pool table, an undercover patio, a basketball court and a rooftop.

One thing is for certain: you’ll never run out of toilet paper.

Grapevine 2

Grapevine 1

Grapevine 3


Next door to the Grapevine is a shop called Val’s Cheesecakes, which I randomly stumbled across as I exited the bar. I felt like some cheesecake after a long day of drinking and opened the shop door to order some. I must have caught the shop assistant off guard because he ran to the other side of the room & yelled at me to close the door. When he saw my confused face he opened up the security window on the door, apologised for the awkward moment and said he thought I was going to rob or shoot him. Apparently the week before some guy with a gun tried to take money from him 😦 Anyway, I got my cheesecake and all was good. Sorry if I scared you, cheesecake man! The Lovers Lane was delicious.

Bowlounge’s one-way mirror


A little north-west of downtown Dallas lies Bowlounge, where people go for bowling, beer, great food and good times.

You’re caught a little off-guard, however, when you enter mens room and realise you can see perfectly clearly into the bar whilst at the urinal. It’s only one-way, thankfully, so nobody on the outside can see in. Talk about stage fright.


Hot girls at the Angry Dog

Nothing like a bit of soft porn plastered across the walls of a toilet to bring you to attention! The Angry Dog does a marvellous job at just this.

Angry Dog 1

Angry Dog 2

Apparently the ladies room is layered with just as many hot guys. I didn’t manage to sneak in though… next time.

The Double Wide cactus garden

Word had gotten around that there were some interesting toilets & murals outside the Double Wide bar in Deep Ellum, but I had no idea what to expect. I downed a quick pint at the bar upon my arrival before venturing out to the side patio. Wasn’t I surprised and delighted to witness this: a toilet cactus garden.

Double Wide Cactus Garden 1

Double Wide Cactus Garden 2

Double Wide Cactus Garden 3

Double Wide Cactus Garden 4

Double Wide Cactus Garden 5

Kudos to whoever came up with this idea. Amazing.


The light switch in the mens room on the inside of the building:

Double Wide Cactus Garden 6

The mural on the outside of the building. What a slogan!

Double Wide


Buzzbrews was another happening place in Deep Ellum where I dropped by to sample their Italian Dream Shake – which I was told by the guy who served me was his own personal creation.

Their restrooms didn’t disappoint either, especially this urinal with a rather neutral outlook on life:

Buzzbrews 1


There were separate doors to both the male & female restrooms but you ended up in the same room upon opening either door. Kinda unisex but not quite?

Buzzbrews 2


The only thing that came between the genders were the basins:

Buzzbrews 3

Adair’s Saloon

This was my first stop on Toilography’s flash tour of Dallas, Texas!

Thanks to suggestions from the kind folk at /r/Dallas on Reddit, I began at Adair’s Saloon, the #1 recommended dive bar in the inner-eastern Dallas neighbourhood of Deep Ellum. You sure don’t see washroom walls like this everywhere.

Adair's Saloon 1

Adair's Saloon 3

This was my favourite of the scrawlings. Wise words to live by:

Adair's Saloon 2

Adair's Saloon 4

How about this urinal? Love it.

Adair's Saloon 5

Adair's Saloon 6