Vanessa’s Dumpling House

This grimy restroom at Vanessa’s Dumpling House has been top of my list of loos to see in New York City for a few years now and I’m very happy to have finally made it here. Amazing toilet and pretty good dumplings too 🚽🥟

New Museum

A beautiful washroom wall at NYC’s New Museum of Contemporary Art

18 karat gold toilet

Ladies and gentleman, let me present to you the Holy Grail of toilets! 🏆🚽

“America” by Maurizio Cattelan

Entitled ‘America’ (2016), it’s a fully functional & usable 18 karat gold throne by artist Maurizio Cattelan on display at New York’s Guggenheim museum. This incredible piece had been #1 on my toilet bucket list since I first hear about it around a year ago – finally on a weekend trip to the Big Apple I had my chance.

According to the blurb in the museum guidebook: “This work makes available to the public an extravagant luxury product seemingly intended for the 1 percent. Its participatory nature, in which viewers are invited to make use of the fixture individually and privately, allows for an experience of unprecedented intimacy with a work of art.”

It doesn’t get much better than this. If you happen to be in NYC it’s absolutely worth a visit! 😁

Ruby Tuesday

A weekend in NYC begins with a greasy brunch at Ruby Tuesday

Seat sanitation at Bryant Park

I couldn’t help but visit the public restroom at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan during my final hours of this whirlwind weekend in New York.

The facilities here were once voted the world’s best by Considering the beautiful flower display at the entrance and the fact that it’s the first restroom I’ve see with automated seat sanitation, I can see how they unlocked said achievement.

Bryant Park 1

Bryant Park 2

Welcome To The Johnson’s

Welcome To The Johnson's

Ultimate dive at Welcome To The Johnson’s in NYC’s lower east side

TARDIS toilet

Deep in the heart of Brooklyn lies The Way Station, a live music institution and Steampunk-themed bar where the toilet is a TARDIS!

As described by manager Doc Wasabassco to Girl Gone Geek after the toilet Tardis came into fruition: “We actually ended up being more of a Doctor Who bar which is lovely. The only thing we questioned was that the TARDIS isn’t actually steampunk, but the way we rationalized it was that The Doctor could go to steampunk places. But low and behold that became the thing. So yeah we’re a steampunk bar but mostly we’re the bar with a TARDIS”

Check out the Girl Gone Geek blog for more info plus a heap of other awesome photos.

Tardis toilet 1

Tardis toilet 2

Even the restroom rubbish bin is in with the theme!

Tardis toilet 3

Free pizza at The Charleston

I was walking through Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a balmy 36ºC day; my thirst led me into a bar known as The Charleston. I was pleased to find they offered free pizza with the purchase of a drink between 12pm-8pm and I was even more pleased to find this wickedly graffitied restroom.

The Charleston, Williamsburg

Funny story about crazy people: while I was there, the guy next to me said he was gonna “drop a Cosby pill” into his girlfriend’s drink and a little later on the bouncer started spraying water all over the barmaid’s boobs. Just the kinda dive bar I love!!

Ellis Island

I enjoyed the consistent tiled theme of the public toilets in the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, once the gateway for immigration into the United States.

Ellis Island 1

Ellis Island 2

Ellis Island 3

This is an original bathroom in a dormitory for detained immigrants:

Ellis Island 4

Smith & Mills

This restroom at Smith & Mills, a cosy vintage bar in TriBeCa, is built inside an old elevator shaft

Smith & Mills 1

Smith & Mills 3