Toki Underground

DC is full of ramen bars with cool toilets. This one was at Toki Underground along the H-Street Corridor (it isn’t actually underground, by the way). Both stalls were plastered in these funky anime comics 🍜🚽

The Black Cat

The heavily tagged chambers of Washington DC’s Black Cat


I was waiting in line to get in, finally the door opened and FOUR girls exited this cramped stall, I have no idea what they were doing in there or how they all fit inside. The last one laughed and said to me “there’s still one more to come!”

Anyway, there were a few good words of wisdom on the walls here at Solly’s, DC:

“Protest against the rising of conformity”

“And all the colors mix together to grey, and it breaks her heart” (Dave Matthews lyrics)

“We love them in leather, we love them in lace, we love them best when they sit on our face”

“Beaner sucks wiener”

“If you’re mad about Trump, remember that 2020 is far away”

“Shit on the floor”

And one for the readers out there, “The librarians rule the world”

A return visit to Oki Bowl

I’m in Washington DC this weekend and paid a return visit to the incredible Oki Bowl. Not only is it one of my favourite toilets in the world but it’s also one of my favourite ramen joints 🍜🚽

DC metro map

A map of DC’s metro system on the walls at the local Hostelling International

Floral wallpaper at the Cakeroom

A quick stop for dessert at the Cakeroom saw the end of my Washington DC toilet tour, where I found this bright floral wallpaper adorning their washroom wall.


DC certainly proved itself as a city full of interesting restrooms. Thanks so much to everyone at /r/WashingtonDC for the great suggestions, I had a blast.

Next stop: Baltimore!

The Pig

The Pig at DC’s Logan Circle is a celebration of all things pork – not only on the menu but in their delightful pig-themed restroom as well






Puppies at The Pub & The People

This bar in DC, The Pub & The People, had a very happy restroom wall full of their customer’s dogs (and occasional cat). I’d seen this done in a handful of other bars along my travels but these guys have pulled it off the best.







Anyone can participate!

I loved this one:



Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins memorabilia all over the walls at Showtime in DC’s inner-east



showtime-3 showtime-4

One-stop relief station

A friendly Redditor described this facility to me as “Not decorated in a unique or interesting way, but the urinals in Dacha are a one-stop relief / handwashing station with built-in grey-water recycling”. I couldn’t help but pass by to see these units for myself. Always great to see more & more ♻️ toilets pop up around the place.