VIDEO: Toilography visits Ravenswood

Dan from Toilography went to Ravenswood, North Queensland, and saw a classic Aussie thunderbox outside an historic miner’s site. Take a tour of the town’s attractions, pubs & toilets, and you’ll even get to meet Woodie, a true Aussie character!

Aboriginal art at Castle Hill

The awesome Aboriginal art mural on the outer walls of the toilet block at the top of Castle Hill, in my hometown of Townsville

Heritage Tea Rooms

Went for a cuppa today at the Harveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms, famous for being the oldest building in North Queensland

Bosun’s Noose

Toilets at Marlin Bar are that way, oh and while you’re at it here’s how to tie a noose

Will surf for hot chicks

Anyone want to teach me to surf? Surprise visit to my home town of Townsville! See how many cool loos I can find here over the next 10 days. This one is at Longboard Bar & Grill

Pull chain hard!

I gave it a good hard pull! At the Mates4Mates building in Townsville, North Queensland.

Pull Chain Hard!

Ravenswood outhouse

Welcome to Ravenswood, North Queensland. Located around a 130km drive from Townsville, this once-bustling gold mining town today boasts an official population of merely 191. I visited with my parents on this gloriously warm & sunny day; we had lunch at one of its two pubs before taking a quick look around its dusty rural roads. A visit to the Historic Miner’s Home from 1868 left me with some photos of this amazing old outhouse:

Ravenswood Outhouse 1

Ravenswood Outhouse 2

Here’s a view of the whole site; the outhouse is at the back right of the frame:

Ravenswood Outhouse 3

I’d previously visited Ravenswood around 5 years beforehand and also took a couple of pics of the outhouse – this was before Toilography even existed! It was a little less dry back then:

Ravenswood Outhouse 4

Ravenswood Outhouse 5

Ravenswood Outhouse 6

It’s well worth a visit to Ravenswood if you’re ever in the area for a true laid-back, ghost town experience.

Square toilet II

Taking you back to where it all started: this was the first ever toilet I uploaded onto @toilography as a joke way back in 2011, here at my brother’s place in Townsville, North Queensland. It’s still there today! And all these years later it still remains one of the few square toilets I’ve ever seen:

Square Toilet II

Here’s the original photo from December 24th, 2011.

Long Board

Long Board

The irony of a surf-themed toilet at Long Board Bar & Grill, in the coastal city of Townsville where there is no surf

Mangoes & no mangoes


No Mangoes

Some North Queensland toilet humour in the tropical mango-growing town of Cardwell, at the Seaview Cafe