Stan’s Mom

A return visit to the Lion & Bright chalkboards in Halifax after about 15 months!

This time Stan’s mom featured prominently across both stalls:

Stan & I have both been in his mom (twice)

Canada Post may go on strike but Stan’s Mom’s box will always come on time

Stan = best mom. Fran = best mom for anal stimulation
↑ Seconded

Stan’s mom is the most wonderful polite proper lady I’ve paid for

I ♡ Stan’s Mom




Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday Funday on the chalk boards at The Good Robot in Halifax


Not to be outdone by someone else writing on one of the other chalk boards: I did bad things in here with myself

The staredown

Getting stared down by the ladies above the famous urinals at Your Father’s Moustache


I came here when I was in Halifax a year & a half ago but there were far too many people walking in & out of the washroom and I couldn’t get the pic I wanted without stopping people from going about their business. Finally this time it was a little quieter, yeah!

Artsy at Alteregos

An artsy loo at Alteregos Cafe & Catering in downtown Halifax


Toledo scales

Toledo scales

Before & after? A weighted concept at Edna Restaurant, Halifax.

Gay hookers

Calling all gay hookers. Come to the Lion & Bright; your services are required:

Gay hookers 1

However, a return visit to the stall an hour later proved that minds had changed:

Gay hookers 2



Feeling the love at Stillwell, a Halifax craft beer institution

Stubborn Goat

Stubborn Goat

Have you ever seen a more stubborn looking goat? At the aptly-named Stubborn Goat, along trendy Grafton St in Halifax.

Rock Wall at Rockbottom

A rather rocky wall in the men’s room at Rockbottom Brew Pub in downtown Halifax:

Rock Wall 1

Rock Wall 2



My weekend in Halifax began with the chalkboard walls of Boneheads BBQ.

Vegetarians definitely aren’t welcome at this southern smokehouse, with slogans appearing around the venue such as “Thank you Mr. Cow for selflessly eating salad so I don’t have to”