Baskets for your snow gloves

Mont Saint-Hilaire

Instead of stuffing your winter gloves in your pocket or under your arms you can just place them in the basket. A genius storage option at Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Femme réfléchie

Thoughtful woman

A femme réfléchie (thoughtful woman) adorns the entrance to the ladies room at the Witsend, a charming pub in Hemmingford, Quebec

An outhouse at Parc Doncaster

Just west of the small Quebec township of Sainte-Adele lies the gorgeous Parc de la Rivière Doncaster, where we hiked a snowy trail for nearly three hours. Along the way we passed by this rest stop. It doesn’t flush – you need to use a bucket of dirt instead:

Parc Doncaster 1

Parc Doncaster 2

Baskets for your ski gloves

Baskets for your ski gloves

Baskets for your ski gloves by the urinal at the Mont Saint-Sauveur ski resort, an hour north of Montreal.