I went to this bar Lola the other day in my beloved Kensington Market; the friendly bartender approved of my Halloween plans to dress as a slutty ghost and watch Rocky Horror.

Anyway… here are some words of wisdom from the Lola walls:

“Dead or alive, you are coming with me”

“Shithawk loves u”

“Just like the bleach on God’s teeth”

And the rather inspiring “Cease your fretting, you’re beautiful and flawless and all. Forget thy past, live for the moment, thrive for the future”

Lines on the walls at Offsite

Lines on the WC walls at Offsite, a funky cafe/boutique/gallery in Toronto’s inner-west


I loved seeing Porta-Party tonight as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche! There were 24 portaloos available for the thousands of festival-goers at Nathan Phillips Square, with effective use of lightning, smoke, music and greenery to “encourage social activity in a traditonally anti-social space.”

“Despite being entrenched in issues of sanitation rights, gender equality, the growing privatization of public space, and more, public bathrooms have remained a relatively taboo topic. Porta-Party invites users to consider these topics, while imagining unusual interventions to create more interesting public space.”

It definitely lived up to its name – cheers to the students of University of Waterloo who made the party possible 🚽🎉

Abandoned near Wychwood Barns

Sunday morning chill in the front garden. Spotted just down the road from Wychwood Barns in Toronto #abandonedthrones

The Shock Show!

Today I saw this amazing exhibition at Toronto’s Super Wonder Gallery called The Shock Show – it’s billed as the most tasteless & offensive art exhibition on earth and I don’t at all disagree. A friend of mine recommended it to me because it featured some toilets so I simply had to see it for myself. Get a load of this!

I’ve censored the paintings on the wall beneath the political faces as their respective genitalia, although hilarious, was perhaps a little too vulgar for display here at Toilography

The best was the McDonalds loo. The guy at the gallery told me the food inside the bowl had remained since the show opened, but they did have to add the fly trap shortly afterwards:

And yep, that’s exactly what it looks like, a bloody fetus in the bowl of this piece of toilet art:

Not to be outdone by this marvellous urinal centrepiece:

As much as I’d love to post some of the other uncensored pics I took at the exhibition, they’re way too graphic for this little space on the web. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the Super Wonder Gallery for similar events in the future though!

Saloon doors

Two toilet graveyards in one day

It’s been a great weekend for #abandonedthrones.

First were these three loos just around the corner from home, sitting in a heap with toilet-shaped styrofoam from the boxes of their shiny new replacements:

Then I saw another three-toilet graveyard at the side of the road, close to Mt Pleasant & Lawrence. RIP little guys ⚰️🚽

Chamber of Secrets

Opening the Chamber of Secrets at this mystical Harry Potter inspired apothecary in Toronto’s west end, the Lockhart

Jave House graffiti

The cozy but divey urinals of Java House in Toronto 🚽

Glow in the dark at VR House

I went to try the virtual gaming rooms at House Of VR and was very happily surprised to see their glow in the dark toilet! Toronto people, ya gotta check this place out.