Downtown Eastside flea market

This is one of the most interesting markets I’ve ever come across.

The majority of the stallholders here at the Downtown Eastside Flea Market are part of the homeless community and make ends meet by buying & selling various wares along East Hastings St.

Here, a seller uses a portaloo to display his goods in lieu of a table:

Vancouver Street Market 1

And here is a public washroom at the southside of the market facing East Hastings St:

Vancouver Street Market 2

Vancouver Street Market 3

The Lord’s Prayer at Bon’s

A cheap but filling brunch at the graffiti-laden Bon’s Off Broadway in Vancouver.

The Lord’s Prayer was written on the washroom walls; many sins have been flushed down these toilets.

Bon's Off Broadway 1

Bon's Off Broadway 2

Bon's Off Broadway 3

Bon's Off Broadway 4

Unicorn jazz

Super impressed with the washroom walls at Budgie’s Burritos along Kingsway in Vancouver!

Budgies Burritos 1

Even better how what was once described as “unicorn jizz” made a subtle change into “unicorn jazz“…

Budgies Burritos 2

Budgies Burritos 3

Budgies Burritos 4

Exposed plumbing at Indigo Age

Indigo Age

Some exposed plumbing inside the restroom at Indigo Age, a vegan cafe & kombucha bar in downtown Vancouver

Jackalopes animal heads

Some very creatively positioned animal heads inside the washroom at Jackalopes, a friendly dive bar & restaurant in East Vancouver

Jackalopes 1

Jackalopes 2

Jackalopes 3

Jackalopes 4

Bauhaus toilet art

On my flight to Vancouver I noticed in the Air Canada magazine a small write-up about this local German restaurant: “Check out bathroom graffiti, by Spanish artists Olliemoonsta, at Bauhaus.”

This was way too serendipitous a suggestion to pass up so on my second night in town I made my way to said eatery in Gastown for a beer & schnitzel. The superbness of the meal was surpassed only by their incredible toilet art.

I highly recommend a trip to Bauhaus if you ever find yourself in Vancouver, and have a scroll through some of Olliemoonsta’s other artwork as well.

Bauhaus 1

Bauhaus 2

Bauhaus 3

Bonus story: this is one of the very few venues I’ve been to where I was so impressed by the men’s that I just had to check out the ladies as well. I was sure the coast was clear – but literally the moment I opened the door for a quick peek, a woman turned the corner heading towards me with my head through the restroom door. So embarrassing! Although I can confirm the ladies is just as colourful as the mens.

Toilet with an office

Victory Square

Victory Square in Vancouver wins two prizes: 1. for being the sketchiest underground restroom in probably all of Canada, and 2. for being the only toilet block I’ve ever seen with an office