Underground Santiago baños

Here’s an underground baños in downtown Santiago, it cost 450 pesos to get in (about 90 cents) and it turned out to be the cleanest & best maintained underground facility I’ve seen! While I was down there I saw a super awkward Larry David moment where a guy in a wheelchair was impatiently waiting for an able-bodied man to finish in the handicapped washroom.

Underground Santiago baños

Viking toilet

I don’t quite remember how I heard about Los Vikingos to begin with, but it was absolutely worth visiting this viking-themed restaurant in downtown Santiago, Chile. The hearty barbecued fare they serve can only be beat by the Old Norse decor strewn all around the building, including this incredible restroom:

Los Vikingos 1

Los Vikingos 2


Just look at these signs on the toilet door:

Los Vikingos 3

Los Vikingos 4


It doesn’t get much more Scandinavian than this

Los Vikingos 5

Colina Hot Springs

The baños at the very remote Colina hot springs in the Chilean Andes

Colina Hot Springs 1

Colina Hot Springs 2

And here’s the springs themselves, they got progressively cooler the further down you went:

Colina Hot Springs 3

Rocky baños

A rocky baños along the trail that leads down Santiago’s metropolitan park

Rocky baños

The Cat In The Window

The mens room at The Cat In The Window, a divebar in Valparaíso, Chile

Cat in the Window

Monumento Al WC

Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but did you know it also has its very own World Heritage toilet monument?

Monumento Al WC

Don’t clog the pipes

A friendly insight to the plumbing at Hotel Boutique Cirilo Armstrong in Valparaíso, Chile.

Quite the contrast from what I was advised at Quito airport a few days beforehand.

Don't Clog The Pipes

Abandoned in Valparaíso

Came across this poor soul while walking the steep, windy streets of Valparaíso, Chile:

Abandoned in Valparaíso