Laurier Park

The conveniences at Laurier Park are in need of a little maintenance…

Laurier Park 1


Laurier Park 2

Reggies rooftop

Reggies rooftop

My weekend in Chicago begins at the rooftop of Reggies Live Music Bar in the city’s south

Indie music

Indie music

The washroom at local indie music venue, The Central

Toronto Island

Toronto Island

A slightly dilapidated public toilet on the otherwise gorgeous Toronto Islands

A little cramped

Chicago Riverwalk Toilet

A little cramped in this toilet cubicle along the Chicago Riverwalk

Peep hole

I was stunned and intrigued to discover this at Berry Island Reserve: the dirty, cramped hideout behind an actual public toilet peep hole.

For the record, Toilography is all about documenting the unique and often beautiful aspects of the restroom and does not condone acts of indecency, however I do feel it important to reveal this distasteful facet of society.

Peep Hole Toilet 1

Peep Hole Toilet 2

Peep Hole Toilet 3

Rubbish dump

Rubbish dump toilet 1

Rubbish dump toilet 2

Rubbish dump toilet 3

Rubbish dump toilet 4

A portaloo at the Bluewater Transfer Station, just north of Townsville. Complete with green tree frog chilling out in the crevasse of the door.

Mud Bath

A slightly muddy bath, under construction in this Cockatoo Island cottage

Dirty Basins

Dirty basins in a disused warehouse on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island


Rusty bathroom accessories at the otherwise delectable Mengen Sofrasi restaurant in Glebe