“Throw toilet paper in the toilet”

Good advice

Some good advice at the airport baños upon my departure from Quito

Toys & dolls

Dirty Sanchez

Toys & dolls hanging off the baños wall at Dirty Sanchez in Quito

Café Guapulo

Café Guapulo has gotta be in my top 5 bars in the world, seriously it’s got an incredible view of the city below from the back patio and an awesome baños to suit!

Café Arte Guapulo 1

Café Arte Guapulo 2

Café Arte Guapulo 3


Some funky artwork on the inside of the bar:

Café Arte Guapulo 4

Abandoned building at Parque Metropolitano

I stumbled across this super sketchy abandoned building at the back of Parque Metropolitano Guangüiltagua in Quito; of course the first thing that came to mind was ‘I wonder if there’s a toilet here?’ Well folks, I’m elated to report there was!

Parque Metropolitano 1

Parque Metropolitano 2

Parque Metropolitano 3

Parque Metropolitano 4

Parque Metropolitano 5

Hypoo for sale


Hypoo baños for sale in a Quito plumbing store for as low as $62

Greek-style baños

Greek-style banos

My friend Vanessa was proud of her Greek-style baños in her Old City Quito apartment


The baños at the Mitad del Mundo monument on the equator, just north of Quito, Ecuador. Complete with toilet paper vending machine:


And here is the impressive view of both hemispheres from the top of the monument!

Middle Of The Earth