Mirror urinal at the Finkenkrug

It was my final night in Germany after spending the past three days with official Toilography model, Arne. We ended our toilet tour at the Finkenkrug in Duisburg which has 222 beers on their menu and this amazing urinal that is actually a mirror. When you stand on the platform a disco ball turns on & lights up the restroom:

Not only that, but there were separate urinals on the opposite side for bier, schnaps & wein and a basin for the kompost! Germans are so organized 🙂


Reife Frauen (Mature Women)

The Reife Frauen look down on you at the Fox Hunt in Düsseldorf’s east

Mojitos nipple

Some soft German porn on the mens room wall at Mojitos Fine Cocktail Bar in Dusseldorf

Flower Bahn

A flower vase on the window on the Bahn, somewhere between Berlin and Essen

Nathanja & Heinrich

Some tags at Nathanja & Heinrich, a cozy bar in Berlin’s Neukölln district



Café Achteck

This is a traditional public toilet in Berlin known as a Café Achteck. These octagonal iron structures have adorned the city streets since the 1870’s, with around 30 remaining today; this particular one is located at the Gendarmenmarkt. They were originally built for men only but a bunch of them have been converted in recent years to cater for ladies as well.





Soylent Bar

Shrivelling plants by a bloodied wall in the restroom of this east Berlin drinking house, Soylent


Sparkly seat

A sparkly loo seat at Berlin’s Sheriff Teddy Bar


Das Klo

We went to this crazy bar in west Berlin called Das Klo (“The Toilet”)!

All your toilet dreams come true here. You get pissed on by a hose as you walk in, you sit on toilet seats, you wipe your hands on toilet paper, you get insulted over the microphone by the owner & they give out discount brochures to the local bordello 😂




The actual mens room inside Das Klo:


The front door! When you walk inside there is a hose that detects the door has opened and it pisses on you:


Schwarzes Café

Colourful fabric in the washroom walls of Schwarzes Café, a 24 hour diner on Berlin’s west side