I loved seeing Porta-Party tonight as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche! There were 24 portaloos available for the thousands of festival-goers at Nathan Phillips Square, with effective use of lightning, smoke, music and greenery to “encourage social activity in a traditonally anti-social space.”

“Despite being entrenched in issues of sanitation rights, gender equality, the growing privatization of public space, and more, public bathrooms have remained a relatively taboo topic. Porta-Party invites users to consider these topics, while imagining unusual interventions to create more interesting public space.”

It definitely lived up to its name – cheers to the students of University of Waterloo who made the party possible 🚽🎉

Notkins portaloos

A great surprise at Notkins Oyster Bar with these super cool portaloo-style washroom doors. There was a hell of a lot more space inside than you’re led to believe



A bathroom worth of dumped toilets

Thanks to a pal on Instagram for tipping me off about this bathroom worth of #abandonedthrones sitting amongst a dumpster, a portaloo & some doors in the Saint-Henri area!

Centre Saint-Paul


My favourite installation at the Montréal en Lumière festival, Port-O-Potty by Newfoundland artist Zeke Moores. In reference to rock concerts & festivals: “No one remembers the music any more, they remember the lineup for the john”. A true piece of toilet art!

Port-O-Potty 1

Port-O-Potty 2

A portaloo on a crane

Yep, that’s a portaloo on a crane in downtown Montreal:

Portaloo On A Crane

Downtown Eastside flea market

This is one of the most interesting markets I’ve ever come across.

The majority of the stallholders here at the Downtown Eastside Flea Market are part of the homeless community and make ends meet by buying & selling various wares along East Hastings St.

Here, a seller uses a portaloo to display his goods in lieu of a table:

Vancouver Street Market 1

And here is a public washroom at the southside of the market facing East Hastings St:

Vancouver Street Market 2

Vancouver Street Market 3

Rubbish dump

Rubbish dump toilet 1

Rubbish dump toilet 2

Rubbish dump toilet 3

Rubbish dump toilet 4

A portaloo at the Bluewater Transfer Station, just north of Townsville. Complete with green tree frog chilling out in the crevasse of the door.

A scenic spot by Sydney harbour

A happy row of portaloos with a fantastic view of the water, underneath the northern end of the Harbour Bridge

Viaduct Harbour

Some portaloos at Viaduct Harbour in Auckland


Electronics in a portaloo in Hyde Park, Sydney