Guinness World Records

I never know where a Toilography photo will show up next!

This week’s surprise is the 2018 edition of Guinness World Records, they have a whole page on world record toilets and two of my pics made their way into the section for the Tallest House Shaped Like A Toilet and First Toilet Theme Park. I may not have a record in there myself (yet!) but it was pretty hilarious to stumble across the pics published inside.

This is Mr Toilet House which I visited in Suwon, South Korea a few years ago (check out the original post here). It’s a marvellous museum to visit and includes an outdoor exhibition of toilets from across history. A very worthwhile record indeed 🚽🏠

By the way, Guinness, uh, is there a record for the most amount of cool toilets visited?

Lonely Planet’s Toilets: A Spotters Guide

Two of Toilography’s photos have been featured in Lonely Planet’s new book – Toilets: A Spotters Guide! It’s a fascinating insight into the many creative & unique restrooms found all around the globe. Pictures from Seoul’s Mr. Toilet House and Tokyo’s Sega Toilet were used from the Toilography gallery.

Loos with incredible views, lavish lavatories, outstanding outhouses ­ all are featured in this pictorial guide to the world’s most stunning toilets. Whether they’re high­tech or arty, amusing or amazing, each toilet has a photo and a description of its location. More than 100 restrooms to remember are featured, from Antarctica to Zambia.

As any experienced traveller knows, you can tell a whole lot about a place by its bathrooms. Whatever you prefer to call them – lavatory, loo, bog, khasi, thunderbox, dunny, bathroom, restroom, washroom or water closet – toilets are a (sometimes opaque, often wide­open) window into the secret soul of a destination.

In these pages you’ll find porcelain pews with fantastic views, audacious attention­seeking urban outhouses, and eco­thrones made from sticks and stones in all sorts of wild settings, from precipitous mountain peaks to dusty deserts. So, wherever you’re reading this, we hope you’re sitting comfortably.

Check out the Lonely Planet Shop for more information or to order yourself a copy.

Lonely Planet's Toilets - A Spotters Guide

Outside The Loop Radio

Thanks heaps to Mike Stephen for inviting me onto Chicago’s Outside The Loop Radio for a chat this morning!

For those of you who tuned in, feel free to browse through the photos I took while I was in Chicago last year. They really were impressive washrooms… some of the best I’ve seen in the world. If you have any suggestions for interesting toilets in Chicago that I missed, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

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Have a great day!