Suzhou’s relatively clean toilets

Unlike the toilets I covered in my post about Suzhou’s lack of sanitation, there were some relatively clean and well-maintained loos dotted around the city in the areas frequented by tourists. Many of them were staffed by what appeared to be a full-time cleaner. Here’s a sample of some of them.

The artistic entrance to a modern-style toilet block just west of the Pingjiang pedestrian area

Very clean and modern inside this toilet block

Another public toilet close to the touristic area of Suzhou

Perhaps not as sanitized on the inside as it could have been but at least the facilities themselves were modern

Suzhou squatter at Panmen Gate

Yet another modern, staffed toilet close to the Pingjiang pedestrian area

Cute toilet sign!

10 Wusheng Road

10 Wusheng Road, Shanghai: the site of the largest public toilet facility in the city at 230 square metres, and one of the few standalone double-storey restrooms I’ve seen around the world.

Aboriginal art at Castle Hill

The awesome Aboriginal art mural on the outer walls of the toilet block at the top of Castle Hill, in my hometown of Townsville


I loved seeing Porta-Party tonight as part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche! There were 24 portaloos available for the thousands of festival-goers at Nathan Phillips Square, with effective use of lightning, smoke, music and greenery to “encourage social activity in a traditonally anti-social space.”

“Despite being entrenched in issues of sanitation rights, gender equality, the growing privatization of public space, and more, public bathrooms have remained a relatively taboo topic. Porta-Party invites users to consider these topics, while imagining unusual interventions to create more interesting public space.”

It definitely lived up to its name – cheers to the students of University of Waterloo who made the party possible 🚽🎉

Reife Frauen (Mature Women)

The Reife Frauen look down on you at the Fox Hunt in Düsseldorf’s east

Ivy And Coney

Self-described as a neighborhood bar with cheap food, cheap booze & even cheaper company, Ivy And Coney certainly didn’t disappoint on the restroom front, featuring words of wisdom such as:

Roses really smell like boo booooooo

I’m so DC I should be the logo

– “because no-one else will, because you suck

Hope falls in colors circling round the faint idea of a conscience and the ethereal

Few displays on the human spirt can challenge the raw creativity of a black pen & a white wall
Correction below – “Human SPIRIT

Sometimes people get confused when a sentence doesn’t end the way that they penis

The duck hunter: “Do you like duck meat?”
His wife: “Yes”
The duck hunter: “Duck on down and get you some!”

What if P Diddy was actually called Pete Diddy and we just misheard him and now he just goes with it because it is too late to correct everyone, but at night he goes home and cries and whispers to himself, ‘My name is Pete’

Of all the gin joint in the world you took a shit in this one






Which one would you go for?

Faced with a choice, which urinal at the Charlottetown Waterfront would you go for?


Train toilet is happy to see you

Doesn’t this guy just look so happy & welcoming? On the Via Rail train from Montreal to Toronto


Don’t aim too high

Don’t aim too high, at Cafe Cranberries


Underground Santiago baños

Here’s an underground baños in downtown Santiago, it cost 450 pesos to get in (about 90 cents) and it turned out to be the cleanest & best maintained underground facility I’ve seen! While I was down there I saw a super awkward Larry David moment where a guy in a wheelchair was impatiently waiting for an able-bodied man to finish in the handicapped washroom.

Underground Santiago baños