Greek-style baños

Greek-style banos

My friend Vanessa was proud of her Greek-style baños in her Old City Quito apartment

Square toilet II

Taking you back to where it all started: this was the first ever toilet I uploaded onto @toilography as a joke way back in 2011, here at my brother’s place in Townsville, North Queensland. It’s still there today! And all these years later it still remains one of the few square toilets I’ve ever seen:

Square Toilet II

Here’s the original photo from December 24th, 2011.

Raised toilet seat

Raised Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat in a bathroom west of Maryborough. It’s said to assist with posture and ease of getting on & off the seat.

A country North Queensland outhouse

Country outhouse

An outhouse out the back of a mate’s property in country North Queensland

Privacy issues

Potential privacy issues on the street in Kirribilli

Retro tiles

Retro tiles in an Adelaide residential bathroom


A bit of an angle in this bathroom in Adelaide

Lakemba Apartment Entrance

The entrance to a run-down apartment block in Lakemba. I couldn’t believe my eyes walking down Haldon St and stumbling across this random toilet seat.

Surry Hills

A charismatic old toilet at a private dwelling in Surry Hills, Sydney

Blue walls / blue water

Matching blue water & walls, where we had out Christmas party at Hermit Park, Townsville