Pi$$ off the Dragon and $hit on the Peony

At first glance these tiled toilet walls at Shanghai’s Museum of Contemporary Art look like beautiful red & blue flowers:

But take a closer look at exactly what they’re made up of 😆

That’s right – the flowers actually consist of a myriad of highly NSFW curse words and phrases including $HITTYPARTY, $HITTYPEOPLE, EATYOUR$HIT, THE FUCKINGRICH, PISSMONEY and YOURFUCKINGDIRTYHAND$

No wonder this 2007 exhibition by Tsang Kin-Wah is titled “Pi$$ off the Dragon and $hit on the Peony”. A true toilet art masterpiece.

New Museum

A beautiful washroom wall at NYC’s New Museum of Contemporary Art

The Brazen Hall

Some eerie lighting shining down upon this black & white tiled restroom at Brazen Hall

Atmosphere Cafe + Etc

The very charming atmosphere cafe + etc in Guelph has 5 themed restrooms, one each for fire 🔥, earth 🌏, metal ⚙️, wood 🌳 and water 💧

Mosaic toilets at Venice Cafe

I went to St Louis with some friends to see the Solar Eclipse! One particular place I really wanted to check out was the Venice Cafe as a friendly tipster on Reddit suggested it to be worthy of a Toilography visit. Not only were their magnificently mosaiced toilets a huge drawcard, the whole damn venue was one of the funkiest, artsiest bars I’ve ever been to. It’s up there with the Papermoon Diner in Baltimore.

Here’s the walk down to the beautiful basement shitters:

And here are some of the other captivating pieces of art throughout the building, both toilets and non-toilets. The bartender told us that every day at least one new piece of art is added to the collection.

Golden toilet at Bord’Elle

It took me 5 years of searching to find my first Golden Toilet, here at the very funky Bord’Elle in Montreal. I would recommend any king or queen to shit on this throne.

Zavida tiles

London Underground signs

Perhaps you could spend a penny in this rather British lavatory with London Underground signs on the doors, at the Firkin on Bloor




Marbled loo at Le Château Frontenac

I took a visit to the most photographed attraction in Quebec, the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. The marbled washroom inside the foyer was a sight to behold.

Le Château Frontenac

Red & grey dots

Thousands of tiny red dots…

Grey dots

…and thousands of tiny grey dots…

Red dots

…at Kitsuné du Lowney