Poop Cafe, Oakville

Today I went for a bike ride to Oakville to see the new Poop Cafe that opened up recently. I love how their first location in Toronto was so popular they added a second one! 😂🚽

VIDEO: Toilography visits Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan!

Dan from Toilography visits Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan.

I’d been to other toilet-themed restaurants in the past like T-Bowl Concept Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and Poop Cafe in Toronto, but Modern Toilet is the original – I’ve been wanting to see it for years and finally got the chance!

For even more photos & details on my Modern Toilet experience, check out the Toilography blogpost.

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Modern Toilet Restaurant

I’ve visited a handful of toilet-themed restaurants over the years, including T-Bowl Concept Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and Poop Cafe in Toronto, but I’ve always wanted to visit the original, Taiwan’s Modern Toilet. Self-described as a “scatological fantasyland”, Modern Toilet is where this whole crazy idea first began with its initial concept dating all the way back to 2004!

I chose to visit their location at Xining South Road in Taipei’s Wanhua district. It’s impossible to miss the entrance – the first thing you notice as you stroll towards it is the monumental loo towering over the street below. There’s a giant poop-shaped cardboard cutout in the lobby along with a couple of display toilets which perfectly sets the scene for the upstairs dining room.

Once upstairs, the server sits you onto a toilet seat at a 💩-filled basin, hands you a menu in the shape of a toilet seat and brings out your food in little toilet/urinal-shaped bowls. It’s hilarious! I ordered the Toilet Chicken Nuggets and the Toilet #1 Ice Shavings (chocolate ice made to look like diarrhea and served in a mini squat toilet), as well as a drink with the grotesque name of bleeding haemorrhoid strawberry milk. Being a novelty establishment the food tasted expectedly ordinary but the servings were large and they were humorously well-presented.

Toilet # 1 ice shavings served in a squat toilet bowl

Toilet chicken nuggets!

The decor appearing throughout the three-storey interior is of course all toilet-themed, from the pictures on the wall to the merchandise area to the cute little urinals dotted around the walls with plush toys sitting inside.

The actual toilet on the top floor is quite a sight to behold with the bright blue tiling creating a water-like effect. I also loved that the washbasin on the outside was in the shape of a toilet as well!

It’s easy to get grossed out by the idea of the toilet restaurant but in reality it’s actually surprisingly clean, colourful, entertaining and very family-friendly. Kids will surely get a laugh out of it, as will curious/fun-loving adults. As for people like me who take photos of toilets as a hobby: this place is heaven. 😍🚽

I’m very glad I finally got the opportunity to visit Modern Toilet. I wish them the best of success and hope the resto-restroom theme continues to catch on across the world!!

Poop Head

Official Toilography model Arne pays his first visit to Toronto’s magnificent Poop Cafe

Das Klo

We went to this crazy bar in west Berlin called Das Klo (“The Toilet”)!

All your toilet dreams come true here. You get pissed on by a hose as you walk in, you sit on toilet seats, you wipe your hands on toilet paper, you get insulted over the microphone by the owner & they give out discount brochures to the local bordello 😂




The actual mens room inside Das Klo:


The front door! When you walk inside there is a hose that detects the door has opened and it pisses on you:


Poop Cafe is open!

The Poop Cafe is finally open! We drank out of urinals, ate out of toilets and laughed at the cute poop-themed cartoons on the walls!

It was a lot of fun visiting – if you’re in Toronto you should go 😎🚽





T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

It has come to my attention over the past few years while partaking in the Toilography project that there are a handful of toilet-themed restaurants dotted around this crazy wide world. That’s right folks: actual eateries where the decor consists of life-size basins, bowls & bathroom accessories; where drinks arrive in toilet teacups and food is served on powder-room plates.

The first of these such diners I became aware of was Modern Toilet, a Taiwanese institution founded in 2004 that has since expanded across the country and even branched out into Hong Kong. However more recently I discovered the existence of a second toilet restaurant chain based in Malaysia, with the apt name of T-Bowl Concept Restaurant. It is claimed the idea behind this particular concept came to fruition while the owner, Samuel, was one day sitting on the loo, pondering what it would be like to eat whilst undergoing his business. It wasn’t long until the entrepreneur opened his first T-Bowl restaurant in Penang in 2008, followed by a second outlet in Kuala Lumpur in 2009.

I was recently lucky enough to stop by Kuala Lumpur on a day-trip following a weekend in Singapore, and I couldn’t help but drop into Sungei Wang Plaza to witness this unique lavatory lunchroom for myself!

I arrived in the early/mid-afternoon, just following what I assume was the busy lunch period. The eatery itself was closed for cleaning, and after a quick glance of the inside adornments I was instead ushered to a food court area in front of the restaurant. Although still featuring a bathroom backdrop with basins to eat at and toilet bowls to sit on, this open area in the centre of the plaza didn’t quite have the same atmosphere as the inner space that I’d missed the opportunity of dining in. Thankfully the room opened back up by the time I finished my meal, and the wait staff kindly allowed me to walk through the inside and snap a few photos:

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 01

The vibrant entrance to the T-Bowl restaurant

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 02

A roomful of happy diners sitting on their toilet bowls at their basins

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 03

For those who prefer more of a squat-style seating formation

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 04

A urinal on display in the window at the front of the eatery

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 05

Looking into the restaurant from the outside, complete with bath-related memorabilia

The selection of food on the menu was affordable and relatively broad with a large emphasis on Japanese & Korean cuisine, but also featuring some western, Taiwanese and traditional oriental items. I ordered the grilled chicken in turmeric sauce along with a side of fresh fruit and some hot wulong tea. Of course the main course came served to me in a toilet-themed dish, with the fruit and tea appearing in similarly-themed receptacles.

The food was surprisingly delicious considering my awkward surroundings, and as an added bonus for dessert: just for liking their Facebook page and checking in with a photo, I scored myself a free chocolate ice cream! (Yes, the ice cream too was presented in a toilet bowl – not to mention the appropriate shape of the frozen treat) 🙂

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 06

The T-Bowl menu

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 07

This was one of the few foul-named items available on the menu!

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 08

I had the grilled chicken in turmeric sauce, which came complete with wulong tea in a toilet mug

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 09

A closer shot of the fruit and wulong tea

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant 10

And finally: dessert. Some strategically-moulded chocolate ice cream served in a toilet dessert bowl.

I’m happy to say that my first experience at a toilet-themed restaurant was a positive and interesting one, and I left with an intrigue as to exactly how such a concept seems to have taken off in popularity throughout Asia. If you ever find yourself in Malaysia then this is your perfect opportunity to try something a little different from the norm. I highly suggest you drop by and grab yourself a meal there.

You can find more information on the T-Bowl Concept Restaurant at their website and also their Facebook page.

T-Bowl Kuala Lumpur:

Sungei Wang Plaza – 3rd Floor
3F-No 41 & 42
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm
Ph: +603 2141 1606
Email: t-bros@tbowl.com

T-Bowl Penang:

Queensbay Mall – 3rd Floor
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Pulau Pinang

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm
Ph: +6016 488 1346
Email: t-bros@tbowl.com