Double toilet at Cafe Resonance

It always makes me laugh to see a double toilet and I know of two classics in Montreal (the other one being in the ladies room at Candi Bar).

Here at this popular live music venue, Cafe Resonance, you can bring all the support you need as you go about your business.

Don’t use this toilet if you’re epileptic

Here at La Graine Brûlée in Montreal’s Gay Village there are actually signs on the restroom doors warning people with epilepsy to see staff at the counter before going inside! The strobe lighting is on point inside their artful, dimly lit stalls.

Gale’s Snack Bar

On an unassuming corner in Toronto’s inner-east lies the very charming Gale’s Snack Bar. Step inside the building and you’re transported back to the 70’s, both in terms of the furnishings and the prices – you can eat a substantial meal here for less than a fiver! And it’s great to see that along with vintage decor also comes a vintage restroom 😎🚽

Also check out their vintage paper towel dispenser, I’ve never seen anything like this before:

And here’s what I mean by eating for less than a fiver:

Atmosphere Cafe + Etc

The very charming atmosphere cafe + etc in Guelph has 5 themed restrooms, one each for fire 🔥, earth 🌏, metal ⚙️, wood 🌳 and water 💧

Lines on the walls at Offsite

Lines on the WC walls at Offsite, a funky cafe/boutique/gallery in Toronto’s inner-west

I just can’t… and other Page One words of wisdom

The toilet at Page One Cafe has a very important plea. He just can’t handle it right now

Here’s some other wise words from the walls of Page One:

Peeping Tom

At least the Peeping Tom at the Drake Cafe is looking slightly away

Schwarzes Café

Colourful fabric in the washroom walls of Schwarzes Café, a 24 hour diner on Berlin’s west side



The Charmery

Named a finalist in this year’s America’s Best Restroom contest, I simply had to pay a visit to Baltimore ice creamery The Charmery to see its colourful aquatic-themed toilet for myself.

While I was there I tried a scoop of their goat cheese honey walnut – good stuff




Dive right in

Dive right in at Gloria Espresso Bar