Honest Ed’s

Toronto folk will understand: Honest Ed’s closes today for good after 68 years 😞 They’re famous for their hand-painted signs & slogans so I got this one for my toilet so I could keep a part of Toronto history with me forever


Hypoo for sale


Hypoo baños for sale in a Quito plumbing store for as low as $62

Flowery urinal pattern

Flowery urinal pattern

A flowery pattern by the urinal at this Italian restaurant, Amarone, on Saint-Denis


Bidet toilet seats for sale at Yodobashi Camera department store in Kyoto. The most expensive one was ¥65,200 (roughly AUD $790).


As the label says – great 21st present. Only $59

At Darcy’s Old Wares in Lucknow, NSW

Cheap toilet seat

Toilet seat going for cheap at IKEA Tempe. Bowl sold separately.