World Toilet Day 2019: Toilography visits Suzhou, China

Happy World Toilet Day everyone! Earlier in the year I visited Suzhou, China’s 16th most populated city. I spent some time wandering around its charming alleyways and chanced upon some very interesting latrines which weren’t exactly the pinnacle of cleanliness.

Hopefully this video helps highlight in a small way just how different sanitary conditions can be in developing countries compared to the relative luxury faced in the western world. There’s also a little shoutout to the World Toilet Organization at the end of the video who do a wonderful job at spreading the word on the global sanitation crisis. Please learn about and support them in any way you can!

Mr Toilet: The World’s #2 Man

Dan from Toilography got the chance to chat to Jack Sim – global sanitation crusader and founder of the World Toilet Organization & the United Nations-recognized World Toilet Day!

He was in town with director Lily Zepeda for the premiere of the film, Mr Toilet: The World’s #2 Man at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, which details his dedication to the loo:

“To a stranger, he’s a guy obsessed with toilets, but to those who know him, he’s “Mr. Toilet,” a crusader in global sanitation. Born in the Singapore slums, Jack Sim knows firsthand the agonies of not having a proper loo. Now, he’s dedicating his life to a crisis no one dares talk about: Shit. Using humor as his main weapon, he plunges into his biggest challenge yet when he is asked to secure 6 million toilets for the “Clean India” initiative. But with few resources and no help from the government, his epic project and reputation are in jeopardy.”

Also make sure you catch the end of the chat to hear Jack’s hilarious poop joke! Thanks so much Jack and Lily for your time and wishing you the best of success with the film.

You can see the trailer below or for more info go to

The Love Museum

November 19th is World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness about the billions of people around the world who don’t have access to satisfactory sanitation.

I have a special (and rather inappropriate) couple of pics to share with you guys which I’ve been saving just for today. I chanced upon this hilarious toilet exhibit a few years ago at the Love Museum in Seoul, South Korea 😂 I totally forgot I’d even taken these pics until I rediscovered them a few weeks ago. What a blast this place was!




World Toilet Day 2015

Nubian Toilet

You may know that today is World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness for those who don’t have access to satisfactory sanitation!

Back in 2009, well before Instagram or Toilography was ever a thing, I spent 2 (amazing) weeks travelling through Egypt. I took a pic of this restroom which was the lone toilet shared among a Nubian village, on the western bank of the Nile just outside Aswan. Thankfully they were equipped with the porcelain fitting and running water but there are millions of people out there whose conditions are even worse.

If you’re interested, visit the folks at @un_water or for initiatives and ideas on what can be done to help raise awareness. Happy WTD, everyone!!