The sketch of a man

The sketch of a man

The sketch of a man on the wall at the Hudsons Bay department store in downtown Toronto

Also have a look at Little Bitch Shane, a toilograph taken a few months later in the same set of cubicles

A man and his tie

The Early Bird Toilet, London Ontario

A man and his tie on the bathroom wall at the Early Bird diner in London, Ontario

The Heidelberg Project

Heidelberg Project Toilet

Where the bathroom used to be in the OJ House. It was burnt down by an arsonist only a few weeks before my visit.


Heidelberg Project Toilet 2

A public loo beside a fence of shoes

A couple of toilets within the grounds of Detroit’s incredibly artsy Heidelberg Project.



Massive thanks to my Instagram friend @newjupiter (aka Tabitha Raincloud) for drawing this very cool Toilography image a few weeks ago. She’s an enviably talented Draw Something artist – it’s worth at following her if you use IG, and have a scroll through her collection of awesome pics either at Instagram or iRez.