Darling Harbour mosaic

Darling Harbour mosaic

I quite enjoyed this colourful mosaic on the walls of the Darling Harbour public toilet.

Pyrmont Bridge

Pyrmont Bridge Toilet

Coloured tiles at the public toilets underneath the western end of Pyrmont Bridge

Balls Head mural

Balls Head Mural

A disused ladies room at Balls Head Reserve that’s been boarded up and painted with a colourful mural

Blackheath mural

Blackheath Mural Toilet

A vibrant public toilet mural in the beautiful Blue Mountains township of Blackheath

Ginos Patrons Only

A colourful & charismatic¬†mural outside the restroom at Gino’s Cafe in Fremantle, WA

Colourful pipes

Milsons Point Station, Sydney