A little cramped

Chicago Riverwalk Toilet

A little cramped in this toilet cubicle along the Chicago Riverwalk

Blue cubicle

Blue Cubicle Toilet

Blue cubicle at the upstairs VIP area of the Hi-Fi Bar

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The Hi-Fi
Little one

Little one

Little One

A ‘little one’ on the back of the cubicle door at Sydney’s Hi-Fi bar

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Toilet & Tap

Toilet & Tap

Toilet & Tap at an office building on Arthur St, North Sydney

His Majesty’s Theatre

Tonight I went to see the hilarious Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth. Unfortunately, photos of the performance weren’t allowed so these pics will have to suffice 🙂



Theatrical cubicle


It begs the question: what happened that brought upon the installation of this notice?

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders watches you from across the cubicle at this public toilet block in Manildra, NSW