Kuranda Market mural

Kuranda Market mural

I swear North Queensland toilet blocks are the most colourful in the world! This is a beautiful mural painted on the outside of the toilet block in the centre of the Kuranda Original Rainforest Markets.

Cardwell mural

Cardwell mural

The further north you get in Queensland, the more colourful the toilet blocks. This one was at the carpark by the beach at Cardwell, around two hours north of Townsville.


Hotbox Cafe

The loo at the Hotbox Cafe in Kensington


The Only Cafe

The Only Cafe

The colourful entrance to the ladies room at The Only Cafe in the centre of Toronto’s Greektown

Brighton Bathing Box

Brighton Bathing Box

Some Brighton Bathing Boxes depicted on the walls of the loo at Dendy Beach, south of Melbourne

And just for good measure, here are some actual Bathing Boxes on the beach itself… they’re so bright & colourful!

Brighton Bathing Box 2

Bushy at the beach

Bushy At The Beach

Bushy at the beach. This was taken a few years ago at the rear of the public toilets at Rollinstone Park in North Queensland.

Balls Head mural

Balls Head Mural

A disused ladies room at Balls Head Reserve that’s been boarded up and painted with a colourful mural

Blackheath mural

Blackheath Mural Toilet

A vibrant public toilet mural in the beautiful Blue Mountains township of Blackheath

Country life

Country life depicted in the form of a colourful mural, in the beautiful Victorian town of Rutherglen

Ginos Patrons Only

A colourful & charismatic mural outside the restroom at Gino’s Cafe in Fremantle, WA