World Toilet Day 2013

World Toilet Day 2013

Happy World Toilet Day everyone! We take it for granted, but there are billions (yes, billions) out there without access to adequate sanitation facilities. Visit for details on how to help. And keep sharing the brilliant toilet pics on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for us all to see – toilets are beautiful!

(And for the record, this pic was taken at Mullins Pub in Toronto)

The Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick

The Spotted Dick was in fact… spotless!

The Fun Life Clan

The Fun Life Clan

I like the idea behind this clan. At the Ein-Stein Bierhalle in Toronto

Kirribilli Hotel

Kirribilli Hotel

My final night in Sydney culminates with this pic of the Gents at my local, the Kirribilli Hotel!


A bright blue urinal at the very characteristic Royal Cricketers Arms Hotel in Prospect


Fluroescent mirrors at Mr B’s Hotel in Sydney city

Blue & yellow tiles

Some bright blue & yellow tiles at the Eastern Creek Hotel in Sydney’s western suburbs

Pub With No Beer

“But there’s nothing so lonesome, morbid or drier, than to stand at the bar of a pub with no beer”
A urinal in the actual Pub With No Beer, at Lee’s Hotel, Ingham