Spadina Rd gutter trash

Spadina gutter trash

Two abandoned toilets in pieces on the Spadina Rd sidewalk. Poor little guys.

A little cramped

Chicago Riverwalk Toilet

A little cramped in this toilet cubicle along the Chicago Riverwalk

Rubbish dump

Rubbish dump toilet 1

Rubbish dump toilet 2

Rubbish dump toilet 3

Rubbish dump toilet 4

A portaloo at the Bluewater Transfer Station, just north of Townsville. Complete with green tree frog chilling out in the crevasse of the door.

Lakemba Apartment Entrance

The entrance to a run-down apartment block in Lakemba. I couldn’t believe my eyes walking down Haldon St and stumbling across this random toilet seat.


A mountain of paper in a grocery store bathroom at Neutral Bay, Sydney