Animal toilet tiles

Animal toilet tiles

Some beautiful toilet themed tiles for sale by a local artist at the Cairns Lagoon markets

Darling Harbour mosaic

Darling Harbour mosaic

I quite enjoyed this colourful mosaic on the walls of the Darling Harbour public toilet.

Burgundy tiled wall

Burgundy tiled wall

A burgundy tiled toilet wall at the Greenbean Coffee House in the very pleasant town of Oakville, Ontario


Black & white at Bondi

Black & White

Black & white toilet tiles at the Tea Gardens Hotel in Bondi

Pyrmont Bridge

Pyrmont Bridge Toilet

Coloured tiles at the public toilets underneath the western end of Pyrmont Bridge

Bowling club in western suburbia

Bowling club in western suburbua

St Johns Park Bowling Club in the far western suburbs of Sydney

Black & white wall

Black & white toilet wall at Blacktown Workers Sports Club

Leafy tiles

Leafy white tiles by the banks of Prospect Reservoir

Retro tiles

Retro tiles in an Adelaide residential bathroom


Halloween colours at the Melbourne Central shopping centre