Long Board

Long Board

The irony of a surf-themed toilet at Long Board Bar & Grill, in the coastal city of Townsville where there is no surf

Orange walls

Orange Walls

Some orange walls at the Balcony restaurant in Townsville

A country North Queensland outhouse

Country outhouse

An outhouse out the back of a mate’s property in country North Queensland

Bushland Beach Tavern

Bushland Beach Tavern Toilet

The toilet at the rather tranquil Bushland Beach Tavern

Don’t Aim Here

Don't Aim Here

A return visit to The Sweatshop: my favourite little cafe in Townsville with quite possibly the coolest toilet walls in the whole of Queensland.

You can see another couple of pics from my first visit to the Sweatshop here.

Rubbish dump

Rubbish dump toilet 1

Rubbish dump toilet 2

Rubbish dump toilet 3

Rubbish dump toilet 4

A portaloo at the Bluewater Transfer Station, just north of Townsville. Complete with green tree frog chilling out in the crevasse of the door.


Here are some pics of the incredible graffiti-clad loo at the much-loved inner-city Townsville cafe, The Sweatshop. This is one of the most creative toilets I’ve encountered along my travels. Their jaffles are delicious as well.

* UPDATE: that since this post was published, The Sweatshop has moved locations and as such this awesome toilet is no longer. 

Sweatshop toilet 1

Sweatshop toilet 2

Sweatshop toilet 3

Sweatshop toilet 4